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The Five Star Nimitz Newsletter Winter 2020 Issue is available for downloading or viewing.  Las Vegas Reunion 2020 hotel booking info is available at this link. Vegas Booking Update.  The Las Vegas Registration Form is available for downloading here.


The 23rd Nimitz Reunion in 2020 will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Reunion dates and information have been published in the lateest Newsletter. 


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  • Reunion 2020 will be hosted by John Wilder in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Reunion 2021 will be hosted by Mark Baca in St. Louis MO.
  • Reunion 2022 will be a cruise with host and port TBD.
  • The NEW Scholarship application can be completed online or downloaded and completed.
  • Members can now make posts back to the Association President.  Simply click the link on the Presidents Blog page.
  • Members can Blog each other, simply click Blog and then Members Blog from main menu.
  • Click here to view Las Vegas Hotel Booking Updated info.
  • The Winter 2020 Issue of the Nimitz Newsletter is available.The Las Vegas Registration Form is available here.


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