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Name: Richard Francis Moll
City: Winnemucca
State/Province: NV
Country: United States
Sent: 08/03/2017 08:15:17 pm

Served on Nimitz from the beginning I'm a plank owner I was in the weapons dept G-2 div hanger deck crew I was not aboard Nimitz very long before I was Honorable Discharged my time aboard Nimitz was really great to me Nimitz was the best Carrier in the fleet and I served with the best shipmates
Name: Syd Buxton
State/Province: Gloucestershire
Country: United Kingdom
Sent: 07/08/2017 01:07:48 pm

USS Nimitz - Arabian Gulf 1993 - Can you help with a query, please?

I am looking to make contact with any personnel who were aboard the USS
Nimitz (CVN 68) during that vessel's time in the Arabian Gulf, March to June
1993.  The reason for wishing to make contact isthat I am hoping one 
or more of the personnel aboard the Nimitz will have photos or video of a flyby
of the carrier that was undertaken by a Royal Air Force Victor K2 tanker aircraft.
I cannot be sure of the exact date of the flyby butI know that it was in the period 
19 to 26 May 1993 inclusive (quite why I did not record the precise date in my
logbook,  I have no idea!). Just in case readers of this message cannot
 recall what the Handley Page Victor K2 tanker looks like, here is a random,
 representative photo of the otherwise very distinct aircraft type:

The flyby took several days of arranging and thanks are due to the Grumman
 C-2 Greyhound flight crew who visited Muharraq airfield in Bahrain regularly,
 and with whom we liased.  On the day there were a lot of frequency changes
 and radar identification manoeuvres required (unsurprisingly!) before a descent
 to, and a just-above-deck-level flyby down the one side of, the 
Nimitz was carried out.

The view of the Nimitz from the Victor K2 cockpit was certainly memorable - it
 really is a big ship when seen close-p, and it had what looked like an entire air
 force topside!  We had spent a few years using the Victor K2 to refuel US Navy 
aircraft during Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm and thereafter,
 and I am hopeful that Nimitz personnel who saw the Victor K2 flyby will
 remember the event, as the Victor K2 was an unusual looking aircraft
 (the Victor K2 was retired from service in November 1993).

If anyone has any surviving photos or video of the Victor flyby I would be very
 pleased to hear from them.  If anyone had friends or colleagues who were  
aboard the Nimitz in the Arabian Gulf in 1993, then please pass on or bring this
message to their attention. Alternatively, if anyone uses other US Naval/aviation
forums or similar and could publicise this message thereon, that would be
greatly appreciated. I am positive that there must be somebody out there who 
remembers the event, and hopefully has photos or video of the flyby.
Many thanks!  

Unfortunately, we did not have any cameras on board the Victor K2 so there are
no 'reciprocal' photos of the event. 

Name: Lydell  Newby II
City: Circle Pines 
State/Province: MN
Sent: 07/08/2017 01:10:05 pm

V-1 Division, '77-'81. BOHICA bumper stickers available. blue letter, white background. 10x3. Limited numbers but ready to ship.  Contact for prices and availability.  
To our fallen Shipmates. You will never be forgotten. May 25-26, 1981. 

Name: John Couillard
City: Uncasville
State/Province: CT
Country: USA
Sent: 06/20/2017 03:23:13 pm

Seeking information on Turner Worthington Taylor. Served on the USS Nimitz in the late 1970's. Please let me know. Thanks.
Name: Joseph lafollette
City: New haven
State/Province: Ky
Country: USA
Sent: 06/20/2017 10:55:39 am

Just visiting your site was shipmate aboard Nimitz from 89/92 G-3 weps miss all my old shipmates.
Name: Santos Ramos
City: Killington
State/Province: Vermont
Country: USA
Sent: 05/14/2017 03:18:32 pm

Just saying hi to all my fellow brothers, and sisters who served on our great ship. I served from 1982- 86. Both V3, and V2 division.
Name: Donna Broadway Parker
City: Florence
State/Province: MS
Country: United States
Sent: 05/08/2017 11:16:02 am

My father was stationed on the Nimitz from about 1971/ 72 until 1974. We were stationed there before she was commissioned. He was in the post office and also started to work with the MP's.
His name was Thomas C Broadway. He died
4 Sept 2014

Name: Christopher M. Doty
City: North Bennington
State/Province: VT
Country: USA
Sent: 02/23/2017 02:34:04 pm

Greetings Past and Present USS Nimitz CVN-68 shipmates.
Name: Richard Paquette
City: Chicopee
State/Province: Mass
Country: USA
Sent: 02/16/2017 04:28:31 am

I would like more info on the reunion. In Aug
Name: Pam Rinas
City: Kansas City
State/Province: Missouri
Country: USA
Sent: 08/23/2016 09:48:19 pm

Would like to reconnect with Juanita Williams USS Nimitz (CVN-68). My husband and I met Juanita in 1997 while the ship was in Hawaii and she graciously took us under her wing for a personal tour of the ship. I just ran across a letter I had saved from her and would like to get back in contact if possible.

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